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Conference Schedule

Join us after closing for a Wine & Cheese fellowship hour in Marist Hall.

Tue. September 12 - 14

Online attendees receive access link to Crowdcast via email.

Sat. September 16th
*Tentative Schedule, Subject to change.

  7:00 am — Doors Open!

  8:00 am — Welcome, First Decade of the Rosary
  8:15 am — Mass with Bishop Peter

  9:25 am — Second Decade of the Rosary

  9:30 am — Continental Breakfast, Reconciliation open
10:25 am — Third Decade of the Rosary, 
Session I with Emily Wilson
11:15 am — Short Break
11:30 am — Fourth Decade of the Rosary, 
Session  II with Sister Faustina Maria

12:20 pm — Lunch
  1:20 pm — Final Decade of the Rosary, 
Session III with Father Joseph Mary

  2:15 pm — Short Break

  2:20 pm — Adoration with Father Joseph Mary and Emily Wilson
  2:55 pm — Closing

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