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Nazareth Retreat Center

Serenity Lounge Sponsor

"Nazareth is above all a place of welcome. A place of hospitality, where Christ meets His guests, welcomes them, and is welcomed by them..."

Fr. John Donoghue

Nazareth Retreat Center began as a vision and came to fruition in 1978 when the faciity was dedicated by Bishop Sylvester Treinen. The retreat center is located on fifteen acres centrally located in the western suburbs of Boise, Idaho.

The rolling lawns, ample walkways, naturals environment, pond, rosary walk and other features...all contribute to the peaceful and serene atmoshpere of the retreat center.

Spending time at Nazareth Retreat Center offers plenty of opportunities to see and praise the beauty of God's creation, to relax and enjoy God's presence in the quiet of the grounds, the sacred silence of the chapel and in the stars at night.

Whether you come to Nazareth to pray, study, retreat or work, you will find an environment of quiet and solitude that allows you to separate from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enter in to a place that facilitates a beautiful encounter with the Spiritual.

Grab & Go Meals

We offer our guests, supporters and all friends of Nazareth the opportunity to order “Grab & Go” meals prepared by Chef Bill Green. All food is prepared in the retreat center’s certified kitchen and the pick-up location is at the back of the retreat center at the door of the kitchen.

See the GRAB & GO tab to check out the many food options we are offering. If you need a break from cooking one or more of your upcoming daily meals, just give Nazareth a call to schedule a delicious meal pick-up from Chef Bill.

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