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What's In a Logo?

The Meaning Behind the ICWC ’22 Logo

Triumphant Rose.png

The Triumphant Rose design follows the theme of the 2022 Idaho Catholic Women’s Conference, “Triumphant in Joy & Sorrow.”

1. In the center is Christ, in the form of a Host, honoring the Year of the Eucharist and the Real Presence. Rays of light radiate from Christ as the center, as all things, all light, joy, wisdom, everything, flows from Him.

ICWC 22 Logo Breakdown - Host.png
ICWC 22 Logo Breakdown - Leaves.png

2. One side of the stem has a branch of three green leaves, representing Joy, and reminding us of the Trinity and that our joy is anchored in the reality of God rather than any temporal thing.


3. The other side of the stem features seven thorns, whose shape is reminiscent of nails, reminding us of Christ's crucifixion, and the Seven Dolors (or Sorrows) of Our Mother Mary.

ICWC 22 Logo Breakdown - Thorns.png
ICWC 22 Logo Breakdown - Rose.png

4. The rose shape also stands for Our Precious Mother, who leads us to the source of all our Joy and walks with us through our Sorrows (and models how to bear them).

ICWC 22 Inside Header Warm.png

5. The Colors

Traditionally, cool colors (greens, blues, purples) are associated with sadness, whereas warm colors (reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows) are associated with happiness.

ICWC 22 Logo Breakdown - Colors.png

However, for us it is reversed, the cool colors appearing on the “Joy” side and the warm colors appearing on the “Sorrow” side.  

This reminds us that our Joy and Sorrow do not follow the pattern of the world’s values, but instead come from the values of Christ. Similarly, the colors bend into the opposite spaces, the warm colors reaching across into Joy, and the cooler colors bleeding over into Sorrow, reminding us that on this earth, all things are mingled. Joy is mingled with grief, and the griefs are part-and-parcel of the Joy. Conversely, Sorrow exists because Joy also exists, and we would not feel Sorrow if we did not at times feel Joy. In our greatest Sorrow, the death of Christ, is found our greatest Joy: Salvation, and the extravagant love God bears for us. The all-encompassing spectrum of colors reminds us of God’s sovereignty. No matter where we are or what our story is, God is our source and sovereign. As he made all the colors of light, so he made all of us, in our infinite variety, and he knows all our stories and is present with us in them; both the joys and the sorrows of each. There is nothing outside of his purview. The vibrant colors remind us that Christ came to “bring us Life, and life Abundantly.” No matter where we are in the cycle of Joy and Sorrow, God gives us beauty, abundance, and makes us vibrant witnesses to his Goodness.

ICWC 22 Inside Header Cool.png
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