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Exhibitor & Sponsor Page Set Up

Thank you for supporting the Idaho Catholic Women's Conference by sponsoring or exhibiting. Please use this page to upload the information needed for your profile.

Required fields: Exhibitor Name, website, sponsor level, short and long descriptions. 

Your unique page url will be

You may upload a total of six images: Header, Logo, two gallery images, a resource image and a goodie bag image.

The Header image should be at least 1000 pixels wide by 420 high. Note this is stretched wider than a typical 16:9 ratio. Logo, resource, and goodie bag images are 16:9 ratio. For example, if your logo is 200 px wide, it should be 112 px tall.  Logos, resource, and goodie bag images are displayed at 200 x 112; larger images may provide better resolution, but should maintain the proportions. If your images do not match these proportions they may be cropped. Pad images outside those proportions with a solid color or transparency to correct the proportion. 

Gallery images may have other proportions as they can be opened in an expanded view. It takes a day or two for galleries to populate.

If you do not have a header, or if you have you difficulties with sizing your images, please email Bizzy; she will create an image with the Brave theme and your logo or resize/pad your images for best display. To reuse an image, you may upload it for each placement, or email Bizzy with instructions. If you submit to the Goodie Bag and do not have an image, your logo will be used.

All file sizes are limited to 15 MB; JPG and PNG are preferred. 

If you encounter any problems, need to edit your information, or add information at a later date, email Bizzy Schorr at We do not have the option at this time for exhibitors to update their own information. Please review the options and recommendations before uploading.

You may preview the Exhibitor Hall and Goodie Bag here.

Please do not share these links! These sites will not be public until September 8th. They are made available to you for reference and review purposes only.

Contact Information
Upload Logo
Do any of the below apply to yu?
Header Image
Gallery Image #1
Gallery Image #2

Share a resource on your page: services, podcasts, websites files, etc. 

Upload Resource Image
Goodie Bag Offer

If you would like to contribute to our Virtual Goodie Bag of offers and discounts and other blessings for conference attendees, give us the details of your offer here. 

Upload Offer Image

Your information has been submitted. Thank you!

An error occurred. Try again later. If you continue to receive this message, email

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