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Emily Brown

Serenity Lounge Speaker

I am a Catholic wife, homeschooling mother of 7, daughter of the King, blogger, volunteer, and book lover! My passion is serving marriages, families, and homeschoolers, sharing my faith and being inspired by others!

I have been a Catholic wife twice already in my 36 years on earth, which has lead me to find a deep hope in the Lord and His plan for my life. I have seen first hand the beauty and goodness that He can offer, even after tragedy, and I want to offer others a glimpse of the hope that He promises to those who trust in His holy will by sharing what He has done, and continues to do, in my life.

The Sunday Family

This blog is a space where Lucas and I share what the Lord has put on our hearts for families, marriages, and homeschooling. Our hope is that this can be a place where you find encouragement, support, and inspiration to trust God's will for your life!

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