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The Light of the Saints for the Domestic Church

Handcrafted modern saint candles with scents inspired by the Church Triumphant

CORDA candles bridge the sacred and the secular, bringing the faith into everyday moments.

Unique scents directly inspired by saints and the faith are infused in an all-natural coconut wax blend, and every candle is made by hand in the heartland.

The name CORDA means “hearts” and comes from the Mass when the priest says, “Lift up your hearts.” In Latin, that’s “sursum corda” and literally it means “Hearts up!” I love, too, how the heart is a source of strength and courage. The name also gives a nod to how I proudly make everything by hand in the heartland, where I was born and raised.

Each scent combination is the fruit of love and prayer, and their inspirations come from the day to day lives and heavenly patronages of these holy men and women. Our faith gives us so many things that make concrete and visible an invisible reality, and my hope is that CORDA candles do the same.

I carefully craft the candles at every step, from curating the unique scents, creating my proprietary wax blend, designing and applying the labeling, pouring with careful attention, and finally packaging them up just for you.

I am honored that you want CORDA to be part of your home and your life. In enjoying these products, you support this small business and bring a bit more light into the world. Thank you!

- Anna Camacho, owner and maker

Behind the scenes on IG!

Follow along behind the scenes of handcrafting saint candles and running a Catholic business

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