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Idaho Council of Catholic Women

Valiant Sponsor

ICCW is the Idaho based, statewide affiliate of the National Council of Catholic Women. We provide a number of services and trainings to CCW parish councils throughout the state.

ICCW brings Catholic women together who love their Catholic faith and who wish to share it with more people in our beautiful state. In the statewide organization we offer guidance, resources, and assistance in the areas of Leadership, Service, and Spirituality, in keeping the NCCW Commission system. We offer leadership training to CCW boards and membership to enrich meeting content, expand membership, and evangelize your parish. Under Service, we maintain a rich archive of our history, coordinate sharing skills and resources between parishes, and raise money and resources for state based charities. In Spirituality, we offer biannual retreat open to all women-a getaway from the pressures of family, work and parish. We also offer retreats focused around growth in particular spiritual disciplines.

Monthly Rosary Call

Join women all across Idaho for a Rosary every 1st Saturday.

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